Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sundried Tomatoes

Our garden went better than anticipated this year. We had tomatoes coming out of our ears for weeks! So after freezing a bunch and giving away a ton, I decided to dehydrate some. Aren't they pretty? I did some by parboiling to remove the skins, then slicing. The rest I just sliced. That was much easier, less messy, and they turned out prettier, but then you have a somewhat tough skin to deal with. I guess it's a trade-off.

 I stuck a bunch in a freezer bag and the rest I stuck in a jar, covered in olive oil, and stuck in the fridge. Now what do I do with them?
Stay tuned. A yummy recipe coming up tomorrow.


Sarah said...

Julie! I just found your food blog, and I really like it! Question: how did you dehydrate the tomatoes? Do you have one of those dehydrating trays or can you just do it in the oven?

Julie said...

Sarah, I borrowed a dehydrator from a friend. I've never tried it in the oven. If you try it and have success let me know!
Glad you like the food blog. It's just something fun for me, but it makes me happy when others enjoy it as well.