Friday, December 17, 2010

Chocolate Peppermint Cake in a Jar

I saw this on ourbestbites and just had to try it. They are individual chocolate cakes with ganache filling and peppermint frosting in a cute little jar. They can also be made as cupcakes, but the jar is so much cuter! What a fun gift! I am going to give you the link to the recipe for simplicity's sake, but will include my photos down below.

Chocolate Peppermint Cake in a Jar
*Note I did not make the frosting she recommended, it sounded too technical for me. I just made a standard butter cream frosting, but replaced the vanilla with peppermint extract.
Also my cakes sank in A LOT! I think, actually I know, it was due to the altitude here. It made for a nice deep hole to fill with ganache, but the ganache didn't cover the entire top as a result. Still pretty and delicious, just different than theirs.

 Just fill halfway or less because they rise up a lot and you want plenty of room for the other yummy stuff!
Mine were very cavernous and ready to be filled. You may need to cut a little hole to fill, assuming that you live at a lower altitude than I do.
Pour the ganache all around if you possibly can. It's pretty and it helps hold the moisture in the cake.
Top with mint frosting and crushed peppermints. Yum-o!
Screw on the lid, top with a bow, and you have 8 new best friends!


Kate said...

Julie, these look delicious! I love reading your blog.

I also feel your pain about fallen cakes. Whenever I make cake from scratch, it bubbles over and collapses. I found this article: ( at and I tried out their suggestions. It worked for me just this past week when I made a carrot cake.

Keep up the yummy cooking! Merry Christmas!

Heather said...

I'm eating mine right now. Sooooooo good. Thanks, Julie!

Amy said...

Hi, Julie! I found your blog via Heather, The Menu Mama. I'm really excited to be following your blog!

These cakes are SO adorable! I'm thinking about using these to make birthday treats throughout the winter months--I still enjoy mint after the holiday season. ;)

I hope you and yours are having a very Merry Christmas!