Friday, February 25, 2011

Teriyaki Burgers

My husband's all-time favorite food is hamburgers. He will go to a five-star steak house and order a hamburger every time almost without fail. I've already mentioned my obsession with French fries on here. I think that's why we go so well together. He and I go together like burgers and fries! :-) It is difficult to replicate a good restaurant burger at home. We have given up on frozen patties, with the exception of when we are hosting a large crowd. This is the best home made burger I have found. The weather has been teasing us lately with a week of 50s and 60s in February that I have been anticipating the BBQ season more than ever. What better way to end a week of sandwiches and look forward to spring than with a great burger! I might just have to pull out these burgers before spring even hits this year!

Teriyaki Burgers
1 pound lean hamburger
1/2 cup bottled teriyaki sauce
1/2 cup French fried onions
1/4 tsp. garlic powder
salt and pepper
good hamburger buns (I usually go for whole wheat or potato buns)
cheddar cheese (optional)
3 slices pineapple (fresh is best, but canned will do)
your favorite toppings--I like lettuce, tomatoes, carmelized onions, spicy brown mustard, teriyaki sauce, and mayo

Combine the meat, teriyaki sauce, French fried onions, garlic powder, salt and pepper. Press the meat into 3 large patties (they will shrink as they cook). Make sure to leave an indentation in the middle of the burgers.

This will allow for even cooking as the meat shrinks. Cook on a grill pre-heated on medium heat. Top with cheese the last minute of cooking. Brush pineapple slices with teriyaki sauce and grill for 2-3 minutes on each side until warm and grill marks show. Top each burger with one pineapple slice. Serve on toasted buns with your favorite toppings.

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