Monday, April 11, 2011

PB & J with a twist

Ok, this isn't really a recipe. But it is a new obsession of mine. Have you ever tried adding cheddar to an old-fashioned PB&J? Oh, you haven't? Well, you should.

PB&J with a twist
2 slices good bread--I like Oroweat 100% whole wheat
your favorite peanut butter--it's always super chunk around here
your favorite jam or jelly--make it raspberry or strawberry for me!
cheddar cheese--only Tillamook's medium cheddar at our house

Spread peanut butter on one slice of bread, top with jam, cheese, and other slice of bread. Cut in half and devour with a big glass of milk. You're welcome!


Monica said...

cheese? i'm going to try it!! i made eclair cake last week too! we are on the same wave-length.

Matt and Ness said...

i'm not too sure about this, jules. but i'll give it a try!

Julie said...

Cousins, I was skeptical at first as well. But if you like salty and sweet then I think you will love this!