Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What's for dinner tonight: Tuesday

Whole grain pasta with red sauce, salad, and sourdough toast

This is a common meal in my house. It takes about 15 minutes to throw together, everyone likes it, and I always have the ingredients on hand. This is one of those "I had a crazy day and didn't make it to the grocery store and don't have time to make dinner" kind of meals. It's simple, but my kids love it and it saves us from take-out. I call that a win!

My little secret touch is the freshly grated Parmesan on top. Pasta sauce from a jar is 10x better with fresh Parmesan and it almost makes me forget that the sauce isn't homemade...almost.
Happy kids on pasta night!


Grandma Honey said...

So what is your favorite prepared red sauce?

Julie said...

I just use regular ole Ragu in the original flavor.

Grandma Honey said...

Ragu was a favorite of my kids when they were growing up. Last night we tried the Wild Oats brand in Tomato Basil. It's all organic and sold at Walmart. I didn't pay attention to the price but it was really good.