Friday, March 4, 2011

Salsa Ranch Rollups

This recipe comes from my cousin Natalie via her sister Stephanie's Tried and True Cookbook. It is a favorite in our house. I love the flavors and the versatility. I usually just throw in whatever leftover veggies I have lying around. And these are so filling and full of lots of yummy stuff, they are a meal all on their own.

Salsa Ranch Rollups
flour tortillas (While I love the cook n serve tortillas, pre-cooked ones work best here.)
chicken cooked and chopped (great for leftovers)
your favorite cheese, shredded (I usually use cheddar, but Swiss is good too)
your favorite "sandwich" veggies, chopped (I usually use tomatoes, cucumbers for crunch, and bell pepper for bite)
butter for grilling

Heat 1-2 tbs. butter in large frying pan. Spread about 1 Tbs. salsa down the middle of each tortilla. Then squirt about the same amount of ranch dressing on top. Sprinkle with chicken, cheese, and veggies. Fold tortilla into thirds as tightly as you can without cracking the tortilla. Place rollup in melted butter, seam-side down. Grill until golden and crispy and cheese is melted, about 3-4 minutes on each side. Cut in half to serve and devour!
Prep all your ingredients
Start with the salsa and ranch
Add all your toppings
Roll em up and cook until golden
I dare you to eat just one!

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