Thursday, January 6, 2011

Best French Fries Ever!

So I am yet to make a good French fry at home that compares to a good restaurant French fry. I found a recipe that I think will come close. It's actually more of a formula than a recipe as it requires changing oil temperatures and double frying. As soon as I get a candy thermometer I will report back on that one. But for now, I thought a good discussion on what makes a good French fry was in order. Do you have a favorite place to get French fries? For me a fry needs to be crispy, salty, and have that mmm factor that just can't be described any other way. A really good fry does not need to be dipped. But it's more fun to dip, and I usually just stick with ketchup. Let me tell you my favorite fries and what makes them the best. In no particular order:
(all photos from google images)

Red Robin--a good thick-cut steak fry that is crispy on the outside, but what really makes it is the seasonings and can you say bottomless?

McDonalds--a classic that usually can't be beat. It's the way they are double fried that really makes them the best.

Five Guys--It's the peanut oil. I'm pretty sure they are the fattiest fries around, but who eats a French fry to be healthy?

Wendy's--slightly thicker cut than the McDonalds fries, and I think they have the perfect amount of salt and dipped in a frosty are the perfect guilty pleasure.

Well, there you have it. Those are the best in my book. Where do you go for your French fry fix? Do you like them thick cut or thin? Ketchup, fry sauce, plain, or some other concoction? Any special seasonings? Do you make them at home? Really, enlighten me. Who has the best fries where you live? I guess you could call this a passion of mine. I'm on a mission to find the best French fries ever and I need your help!


Kate said...

I love all the places you mentioned, but I also love Arby's curly fries. The breaded stuff on the fries is delicious!

Alli said...

I'm a big fan of sweet potato fries. They have good ones at Purple Turtle in AF, UT, and at Harvest Moon in Modesto, CA.

Heather said...

I love your fry choices. You know whose fries I also love? WingStop! The seasoning they use is salty and sightly sweet and soooo addicting!!!

Nate and Julie said...

Mmmm, I forgot about Wingstop. I do love their fries as well. And who can resist a good sweet potato fry? Smashburger has good ones. I got my 5 Guys fix yesterday, no matter how many they pour into the bag, it never seems to be enough.

Cyndy and George said...

Checker's in Visalia. Dipped in ranch dressing! Delish!

Melanie said...

I too really like the Red Robin fries. Since the frying method seems to be quite a bit different at home I wonder if a thicker cut would help? I have no idea on this one...good luck!!!!

Brittney said...

Julie-I keep checking for an update!

Oh and I would saw McDonalds and Wendys have my favorite fries. Though my very favorite of all time are in-n-outs